Jakub Barć

SRE with Splunk, trying to get Splunk Monitoring (a.k.a SignalFx) to scale properly. 10+ years of experience with companies like IBM, UBS, Splunk and Facebook. Not a fan of Jenkins

Piotr Godowski

Piotr is a seasoned software architect working at IBM, currently focused on Hybrid Clouds management and software licensing in the containerized world. Passionate of IT technologies, including AI, cyber security, BI, IoT and distributed systems. Member of ISO/IEC Polish National Body, owner of several software patents.

Janusz Kamieński

Developer, journalist, tabletop RPG Game Master and milkoholic. Active participant of dev communities, co-organizer of meetups and DevOps conferences in Poland. Applies DevOps pattern on tech and business side in all projects he touches. For a dozen of years worked in web technologies. Full-stack developer since 2008. Gains experience and new levels in everyday work at, to which office he goes by bike. Founder of Raport Obieżyswiata web tv channel about Fantasy & Sci-Fi.

Oliwia Kozioł

She is the non-technical side of responsible for PR and communication in DevOpsDays Kraków. Oliwia has been an integral part of the conference for the second consecutive year. Beyond her role, she finds joy in dancing and in collecting and playing board games in her private time.

Marcin Lewandowski

Marcin is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Lab in Kraków. He usually works across the stack, including designing and implementing DevOps processes for microservices he and his team owns. Interested in everything that helps do more with less and a huge fan of automating everything. If you talk Kubernetes, Ansible or Gradle Kotlin DSL, we’ll find a common topic, or two.

Paulina Małocha

She has been creating unique events for the IT industry for 6 years. Her passion for creating events is reflected in the detailed planning, thoughtful design, and seamless execution of DevOpsDays Kraków and other IT events.

Joanna Matusiak

She helps to create unique events, primarily for the IT industry. 10+ years of experience in event management, mainly responsible for planning, promoting and ensuring the smooth running of an event schedule. Joanna will do everything to make the event unforgettable.

Olga Michaliszyn

Excellent customer-oriented approach, always meets the clients needs. Olga is well organized person with can do attitude. She works closely with cross-functional teams to execute seamless events from start to finish. Huge fan of tenis and electronic music.

Karolina Ochlik

DevOps Consultant that believes in integrating IT and soft skills while bringing DevOps best practices and SRE approach. Leader, tech enthusiast, coder, CKAD, CKA certified and certified communications trainer.

Paweł Piwosz

DevOps Institute Ambassador. CD.Foundation Ambassador. AWS Community Builder.Engineer, leader, mentor, speaker.My focus is on CALMS. I am building better understanding of DevOps as driver for the organization. And currently I am leading the DevOps Academy at EPAM Systems Poland, where we are shaping new engineers to be professionals.I am devoted to Serverless and CI/CD.

Natalia Stawarz

Natalia Stawarz, DevOps Engineer from Lodz with nearly 4 years of dedicated experience in the field, has become a seasoned professional specializing in AWS Cloud computing and infrastructure. Certified AWS Solution Architect Associate & AWS Security Specialty. Started pretty late with Kubernetes yet caching up very quickly so really keen on discussing different approaches in k8s world. Experienced in teaching and onboarding not tech-savvy people into AWS Cloud and DevOPs world. Big fan of Terraform and Github Actions, not so great into Jenkins and Helm. Enthusiast of holistic and KISS approach as much as in DevOPs field and in real live, especially physical activities and sports.